Expectations of Manufacturing

Each enamel pin is individually made by hand meaning they are all unique in their own right so variations in your order of pins can happen.

All enamel pins go through rigorous quality grading before they leave our factory although no order can be 100% perfect. We help to deliver the best experience for our creators by manufacturing more than the paid order and sending these with the order.

Below is a handy table to let you know what is acceptable in pin manufacturing.

 Acceptable Unacceptable
Small areas of dust, fibers, bubbles Missing/ chipped enamel paint
Uneven/overspill enamel paint/glitter Variation of Pantone color in same order
Slight variation in Pantone color Highly Tarnished
Minor variation from previous order Missing cut outs
Some slight marks Broken fixing
Minor flashing on edges Fixing position makes pin hang upside down
Variation in clutch postion