How to Make Custom Ribbons

How to Make Custom Ribbons

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Ordering custom ribbons for your shop's packaging elevates the unboxing experience to a memorable and elegant level. The personalized touch of custom ribbon adds a sense of care and attention to detail, enhancing the visual appeal of your products.

With your brand's logo, colors, or unique design elements woven into the ribbon, you create a distinct and cohesive brand identity that resonates with customers, fosters brand loyalty and leaves a lasting impression, turning each package into a captivating and unforgettable moment.

Here's how easy it is to make custom ribbons with us!

Decide on the width

0.19” (5mm)

Opting for a narrow ribbon width of 0.19" is delicate and subtle, adding a refined touch to your packaging. This size is ideal for smaller items or for adding a discreet accent to your packaging without overpowering it.


Choosing a ribbon width of 0.4" strikes a balance between subtlety and visibility. This width offers enough space to showcase your branding or design, making it a versatile choice for various package sizes.


Opting for a ribbon width of 0.5" provides a noticeable and elegant ribbon that can beautifully display your custom branding, logos, or messages. This width offers a significant visual impact without overwhelming the package.


Choosing a ribbon width of 1" adds a bold and eye-catching ribbon that commands attention. This size is suitable for larger packages or when you want to make a strong branding statement with ample space for customization.


Opting for a ribbon width of 2" provides a wide and luxurious ribbon that creates a lavish and dramatic effect. This size is ideal for special occasions, gift boxes, or when you want to make an unforgettable impression.


Choosing the widest option of 3.8" creates a grand and luxurious presentation. This size is especially fitting for premium gifts, large packages, or when you want to emphasize a high-end experience.

How long do you want it to be?

Choosing the length of your custom ribbons involves considerations of quantity, usage frequency, and cost-effectiveness. Here's a comparison of the length options:

100 yards

Opting for a length of 100 yards provides a substantial amount of ribbon suitable for small to medium-sized packaging needs. This quantity is ideal for businesses with moderate packaging requirements and offers good value for the cost.

200 yards

Choosing a length of 200 yards offers a larger quantity of ribbon, making it suitable for businesses that package items frequently or have a higher volume of orders. This option provides more longevity and reduces the need for frequent reordering.

300 yards

Opting for a length of 300 yards provides an even larger supply of ribbon, suitable for businesses with consistently high packaging demands or those looking to make a longer-term investment. This option ensures that you have an ample supply on hand for various occasions.

Choose the fabric type

Single Face Satin

Opting for single face satin ribbon provides a smooth and shiny finish on one side, with a matte finish on the other. This ribbon type is versatile and elegant, suitable for various packaging styles and occasions.

Double Face Satin

Choosing double face satin ribbon offers a consistent shine on both sides, making it a luxurious and polished option. This ribbon type is great when you want both sides of the ribbon to be visible and aesthetically pleasing.


Choosing grosgrain ribbon offers a ribbed texture that adds a touch of texture and dimension to your packaging. Grosgrain ribbons are sturdy and durable, making them suitable for secure and stylish packaging.


Opting for organza ribbon provides a lightweight and sheer option with a delicate and ethereal appearance. Organza ribbons are often used for a whimsical or elegant touch, especially for special occasions.

Satin Acetate

Choosing satin acetate ribbon offers a glossy and smooth finish with a bit more stiffness. This ribbon type holds its shape well and is often chosen for bows and decorative elements on packages.

Choosing the pattern

Polka Dot Pattern

Opting for a polka dot pattern adds a playful and timeless touch to your packaging. Polka dots convey a sense of joy and versatility, making them suitable for a wide range of occasions. They can add a pop of visual interest to your packaging and evoke a sense of nostalgia or charm.

Solid Pattern

Choosing a solid pattern involves using a single color for your ribbon, creating a clean and minimalist look. Solid ribbons provide a sophisticated backdrop for your branding elements, logos, or messages. They offer a versatile canvas that can seamlessly blend with various packaging styles.

Custom Pattern

Opting for a custom pattern allows you to create a design that uniquely represents your brand's identity and message. Custom patterns can incorporate your brand colors, logos, or even intricate motifs that align with your packaging aesthetics. This option provides the highest level of personalization and branding.

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