Learn how to create badges (2023)

Learn how to create badges (2023)

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It’s 2023 and you’re looking to expand your product range and introduce new items to your customers. What fresh products are you adding?


If badges are not on your list, think twice! Badges are one of the most popular and cost-effective products to create and sell. They are cute, custom, and easy to order with low minimum order quantity and low cost.


Here’s how easy it is to make your own custom badge.


Get your design ready


Ai or PNG works best for us to make sure we have a high-quality version of your artwork when creating your mockup. We also accept PDF, PNG, and JPEG files.


What if I can’t design my own artwork?


We’re here to help! Here’s how: Get a pen and paper and sketch your idea for us. It doesn’t have to be perfectly drawn, the purpose of the sketch is for us to get a good understanding of how you want your design to turn out instead of blindly guessing what you want, and would save us time going back and forth with revisions.


Here’s a sample sketch from one of our clients that we turned into a digital artwork



If you want to know more about our free design conversion service, you may read this blog.


Decide on the size of your badge


Badges can be really small or really big. But if you’ve seen a lot in the wild, you’ll notice that most of them are on a larger scale. The standard size for badges is 2.25”


A helpful factor to consider when deciding on the size is their use. If you see them being on shirts, jackets, and bags, going with the standard size or bigger works. But if you see them being on hats and lanyards, we recommend going with 1.5”-2”


Choose your finish


The most famous finish we all see is the glossy finish.

But you can also do matte

And fabric covered!

You can choose from your options in your badge order form here or let your account manager know!


That’s it! Now you’re ready to create your own custom badge with us.


Order your custom badge here.

Get free quotes here.

Book a live consultation with an expert here.

Email your questions here.


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