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Yasmin Morris

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About Yasmin Morris
I am Yasmin Morris and I have been song writing and performing my music at festivals and events since I was 13, I found my passion at a young age and am still pursuing it because I love it so much! The stage is my home. Growing up I was always surrounded by music as my parents were both in bands and involved with running the local festivals. I first recorded my demo CD when I was 13 and then recorded and released my very first EP when I was 16. I was in many different bands during high school and we would play free gigs to cut our teeth and gain experience. When I was 16 I got scouted to go overseas and perform at South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin, Texas twice which was a total dream come true. I have moved around so much travelling to wherever my music takes me and the constant inspiration of new places and people inspires my songwriting. I love writing music that other people can relate too, especially when I write my earnest comedy tongue in cheek songs which makes the audience laugh. I feel my job is to write about society, experiences and thinking from different perspectives to connect with people on a deeper level and make the world a better place. I have recently finished my studies in Event Management so I am keen to host empowering sustainable events and bring people together, might see you there?!

Tips to fellow Artists:
When I was younger my parents always reminded me that nothing happens over night, I wish I truly believed that more. I wish I stopped comparing my story to mega artists like Taylor Swift who got successful at such a young age. I think because I started performing and writing music from a young age I expected to be further in my career and compare myself to other artists too much which can made me lack confidence. Everyone has their own story and unfortunately in this industry, we don't get handed a guidebook! Some other advice I have learned along the way is to know that as a self managed artist you are running your own business and you need to educate yourself of all sides of this industry because I am amazed at how many hats I need to constantly wear and am always learning! Remember there is the music and there is the business, you need to be good at both these days. Also trusting and backing yourself is important as you are constantly the one making decisions and being brave, you need to be your biggest cheerleader!

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