Simple guide to manufacturing with us

Simple guide to manufacturing with us

Liam B.
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Hi Creators!

Welcome to our friendly community full of others artists, brands and fans of great products. On this blog is a simple guide to manufacturing with us.

To get started on learning to create with us, we believe creating products is an on going relationship! We will always treat our creators as the amazing people they are, offering free feedback and making sure we make your pins the most amazing they can be, a simple rule we follow is treat us as you’d like to be treated :) 


Our team is based all over the globe including bigger team in the US, Australia and China. So why do so many brands and creators trust us?

Ethical manufacturing: We put this as an easy first for our success. All our workers manufacturing, engineering and offering support are paid well above any other manufacturer, shorter work hours, larger holiday allowance and sick pay across our teams make it very attractive to work with us, this is to ensure safety and so we get happy people working with us who genuinely care about our creators. Please don't forget that all your products are still significantly made by hand so the right team and working with the right manufacturer really makes sense, all peoples lives matter!

Low pricing: The pros of working with us directly is that you’ll usually get very low pricing compared to middle-man companies. We have a price match or beat guarantee for any middle man company.

Customer service: Our global team excels in great customer service with response times within 24hrs on working days. We also can give you the option to request a call from our team. We cater for Mandarin, Cantonese and English languages.

Low order quantities: We offer quantities as low as 100 for our enamel pins to help you create more styles and find out what your customers like best. The more you order the lower the cost per pin but we understand that may be too risky. 

Fast tracked delivery: Turnaround time for a pin (how long it’ll take for you to receive them) starts from the moment you approve the production proof (the production-ready artwork a factory will send for approval before they begin production). The standard turnaround time in the industry is around 10 days rushed and 15-20 days for non-rushed. This includes production and shipping time.

Easy re-ordering: Re-ordering is very simple through us, we store any set-up materials and remove the cost, cheaper and express.

Community standards: We have the right to refuse creation of products that inflict hate, look to defame or encourage discrimination. 


What is the standard cost to create enamel pins?

Custom enamel pins can start from $229 to $349 USD for 100 units of a simple, 1-2 inch hard or soft enamel pin including shipping worldwide. Fill in our express enamel pin quote builder HERE and check our Instagram HERE for the latest deals, referral codes and competitions we run to help you get started :)

How does payment work?

We accept payment terms of 50% upfront and 50% once final production is approved to help creators get started and to build trust. You can choose from almost any payment type including:

  • Paypal (most common, in any accepted currency)
  • Direct Bank transfer (locally and internationally in AUD and USD)
  • Credit card online with our secure Shopify payments
  • Afterpay
  • Google, Shopify and Apple pay

What do you do if something goes wrong or you get a faulty product?


Our company runs on the basis of fairness and good communication when things rarely don't go to plan. In any situation we like to ask what the is the desired outcome you would like like to see happen. Depending on what is fair we can offer credit towards your next order, part/full re-order or a part/full refund.

Expectations of manufacturing

Each enamel pin is individually made by hand meaning they are all unique in their own right so variations in your order of pins can happen.

All enamel pins go through rigorous quality grading before they leave our factory although no order can be 100% perfect. We help to deliver the best experience for our creators by manufacturing more than the paid order and sending these with the order, usually 5% depending on the order size to account for any unacceptable quality.

Below is a handy table to let you know what is acceptable in pin manufacturing.

 Acceptable Unacceptable
Small areas of dust, fibers, bubbles Missing/ chipped enamel paint
Uneven/overspill enamel paint/glitter Variation of Pantone color in same order
Slight variation in Pantone color Highly Tarnished
Minor variation from previous order Missing cut outs
Some slight marks Broken fixing
Minor flashing on edges Fixing position makes pin hang upside down
Variation in clutch postion  


Now, you have all the information you need to make your own custom enamel pins. Get out there, create and share your pins with the world!

Still have questions? Visit our other blogs to help answer your questions or simply contact us:

Thank you to our amazing community!

Liam B.

- Lead Artist

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