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Rita B

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I am Rita B, your average and humble alternative folk artist, and singer-songwriter. I write songs and play mostly around NSW.

Music is both my vice and my virtue. A vice because, sometimes subtly and other times blatantly, I enjoy writing and listening to music that pushes boundaries a little bit. Either musically or lyrically. A virtue because of the connection it makes between all the different people. Music is like a relationship and we are social beings who need relationships to survive. Primarily, music is an extension of all cultures across the world, so naturally, it’s in our blood in some unique capacity.

Live music is a huge inspiration. It’s amazing to witness the magic of a performance, as an audience member. Indubitably, these experiences motivate and influence how I create music.

I’m going through a creative block at the moment because access to live music is temporarily canceled due to the pandemic (understandably) and that’s been a little bit frustrating for me. 

The last show I played before the pandemic hit was a solo show at Petersham Bowling Club in Sydney as part of The Porchlight Sessions. It was a wonderful unwitting send-off. As someone who plays live very regularly, it can be difficult to consistently get people to gigs. On this night, however, I was very humbled by the friends and fans that showed up to the evening. Instinctively, when that happens, to a degree I guess I emanate a kind of higher frequency that affects my performance and makes it a more connected experience. 

I’d love to get paid to tour the world playing my own music with my bassist Scott Piper and drummer Thomas Fijalkowski. I’d love to collaborate with Adrienne Lenker, lead vocalist from my favourite band, Big Thief.

If I’m not able to get paid to tour the world playing my own music with my band, I’d better start saving money to make that happen at least once. Ethically speaking, however, the beautiful thing about being a solo artist is the ability to ebb and flow stylistically. It’s important to me that I stay true to myself and give myself the freedom to explore my own craft.  

Tips/Advice to aspiring musicians:

Your gift is a gift to the world so give it away.

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