Jesus Lopez

Jesus Lopez

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About Jesus Lopez

I’m Jesus Lopez, from Long Beach, CA and I focus on digital art with a focus on pop culture mashups. I really only started my journey with art about a year ago. After battling with panic disorder a year ago, I slowly started finding art as an outlet, something to calm my mind and to give me purpose. With the help of my family and my girlfriend who is also an artist, I started to find avenues to where my art can go. I started selling stickers on Etsy and will soon be selling pins there too. I’ve also began diving into the realm of NFTs and finding myself slowly becoming a part an emerging community of digital artwork creators. Please feel free to check my links below! I’m a self funded artist so any help goes directly back into creating more awesome products and art for all to enjoy. 

Through art I’ve found myself not questioning what I’m meant to do. I found a community and found a reason to keep going. I hope my story not only gets better from here but can be an eye opener for others , to keep creating, now and always.  
Tips to fellow Artists:
The fire of creating comes and goes but the important part is to never let the fire die.

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