Crowdfunding projects

Crowdfunding projects

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Thinking of launching your ideas on crowdfunding to help you get started?

Yourstuffmade helps crowdfunding projects shine with quality products that are affordable, delivered on time, free promotions, and specialized mentorship from our team.

To launch and plan an amazing crowdfunding project, contact us HERE.

With over $100,000+ raised! here are some of the projects we helped to successfully get funded.

'Pridosaurs' - enamel pins, stickers,  and patches

Creator: Jordan Rasko

Amount raised: $90,305 AUDfunded by 2,245 backers

Visit the complete project > Indigogo

Minimal elegant watches

Creator/s: Liam Byrne and Ryan Bowles (The Sunday Company)

Amount raised: $17,696 AUDfunded by 160 backers

Visit the complete project > Kickstarter

Shiba enamel pins

Sweet tail Shibas - Hard enamel pins and t-shirts

Creator: Erica Yohman

Amount raised: $616 AUD, funded by 22 backers

Visit the complete project > Kickstarter

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