Ben Siva, Nico Scali and Max Jacobs of jnr.

Ben Siva, Nico Scali and Max Jacobs of jnr.

Shailla Shailla
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jnr. is made up of Ben Siva, Nico Scali and Max Jacobs who have been writing music together for close to 10 years. Between writing, producing and performing themselves, they have been involved in a wide variety of talent such as Loretta, Khaled, Chris Lanzon, SADBOii and Rageflower just to name a few. It was only in 2020 that they pivoted their attention toward a singular focussed project. The result: a collection of pop production tracks adorned with earnest and self-reflective lyrics. The first of which is sampled in ‘Remember’. By taking the time to hone their skill and synchronicity as a band, their future as unique players in the Aussie pop landscape is incredibly exciting. By embracing the ebb and flow of the complexities of inner emotions and personal experience, it paves the way for a genuine connection between artist and their music, “The feeling of knowing oneself is essential to being human. So the writing process was really me thinking about who I would be without my memories.” Ben Siva, jnr. jnr. have well and truly snatched the spotlight with fiery debut single ‘Remember’. Crackling with energy, this trio of Sydney based musicians and producers have brought a fresh sound to the Australian music scene by channeling electrifying indie-pop.

Dream collaboration List!

1. Kevin Abstract/Romil Hemnani BROCKHAMPTON are one of the best and most inventive acts to come out of hip hop in the past few years. But it’s the way Kevin and Romil have worked with other artists that makes us think they just have an intense love for music and working on something they are passionate about. George Daniel/Matty Healy Anything these guys touch is amazing. They have such an innate feel for what a song needs and where an artist is coming from.

2. Justin Vernon. Justin’s ear for immersive and tangible sound is something magical. We’d love to just watch how he creates some of the textures that make his music so unique.

3. Kevin Parker. Kevin has such a unique and identifiable sound. It’s timeless and really sits in a world of its own.

4. Caroline Polacheck. Her ear for melody and souring voice is instantly recognizable on whatever she is on. 

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