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Pause Awards

Pause Awards

In 2022, The Your Stuff Made Group became the Merchandise Sponsor for the prestigious Pause Awards' gala at Bond, Melbourne. Working with award-winning designers, we crafted high-quality, high-value swag fit for the event's esteemed attendees. Australia's leading startups gathered to network, honor the best of the business ecosystem, and enjoy the night.

To emphasize our commitment to workplace culture and sustainability, we awarded the Go Green Category to Evee and Verve Super. This moment was a testament to our mission to provide support and educate entrepreneurs on how to build a high-value brand and product efficiently, affordably, and sustainably. We look forward to sponsoring more ANZ awards and growing our portfolio in the future.

From our efforts, we saw the potential to build long-term relationships with entrepreneurs, business owners, and startups—partnering with them to reach their small business dreams. We understand the importance of providing an exceptional customer experience and are committed to leveraging our resources and expertise to continue offering the best solutions for our clients.



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