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Who is Yourstuffmade?

We are the leading ethical product manufacturer, 3PL and digital agency.

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What products can you create?

Select from your product range then complete a free custom quote or contact us to discuss a unique product to develop.

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How long does an order take?

Each project is custom in its approach, complexity and time of order. Please ask our team for the current timeframe and possible deadlines.

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Can you help with product design?

Yes, we have an artist team that you can hire to design your product. Let our team know if you need some help.

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How much does an order cost?

Each project and service is very unique. Our success has come from offering transparent pricing and value by being direct with our manufacturers, teams and partners.

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How are you ethical?

Our mission for ethical manufacturing and services required development of the only certification to empower change for people, planet and product 

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Do you protect design IP?

IP ownership and creativity is vital to protect, for this reason we refuse to share, distribute or re-create without consent of the IP owner.

Do you refuse projects?

Yes, we reserve the right to refuse projects that promote hate and/or inequality. Also includes unethical companies or IP conflicts.

How do I pay?

Orders by default are in USD, which upon requested can be changed to any supported currency. We accept payment through all major secured credit cards, bank deposits and services such as Paypal. 

Is Yourstuffmade.com safe?

Yes, Yourstuffmade is based on encrypted systems to protect information and policies that support consumer rights.

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What are manufacturing expectations?

A lot of our products are ethically handmade by our team which makes them each unique. We have the highest quality standards.

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Where is my order?

Manufacturing for most products is around 2-3 weeks from order confirmation to delivery with all orders including secure tracking. Please contact your project manager if your delivery is outside our communicated timeframe.

What services do you offer?

Ethical Manufacturing,  Digital Innovation, Strategic Consultation, Fulfilment and Logistics

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