YSM Culture and Mission

Your stuff made believes that creating ethical products physical and digital can be easy and transparent for everyone.
4 core values of our company

Act like an owner -  We believe real change happens through accountability and passion, We want every member of our team to lead their own charge in the areas they are most invested in to grow relationships with clients. 

Don’t be an asshole - To build a strong business is to build a strong team of supportive and kind people, which lead with positivity and transparency. Your Stuff Made is a drama free zone.

Be creator and maker obsessed - Our team should advocate for their clients and help guide their growth to be effective and efficient. We have to have joint power to support innovation and creativity.

Be a creative explorer - At Your Stuff Made, we find ways of turning the word 'no' into a 'yes'. Through communication and market expertise we find solutions to bring to life ideas at every stage.

4 key customer profiles (we build for value) ranked in value

1) Blue Chip Enterprise - Legacy Parent companies which own multiple conglomerates in Sports, Film, Tech and Music.

2) Figure-Led Enterprise - Businesses and brands that have a celebrity or influencer front facing profile. 

3) Contract Based Creators - Larger creator profiles who order multiple times in a year and run full service stores.

4) Small Artists and Crowdfunding projects - These profiles build our metrics and buying power in the background in order to leverage key customer profiles 1 -3.