Ethical Manufacturing

YSM group owns its own registered ethical certification (NFP) to ensure our partners follow the latest ESG and CSR regulations, in order to access our extensive list of project leads.We use our collective buying power for good by only working with compliant manufacturers.Ethical manufacturing is our shared responsibility and when powered by our technology, it gives our clients infinite product options and potential for positive change.


For us sustainability and ethics begin with ensuring the people making our products are respected and looked after. We believe the lifespan of a product begins here., ensures people empowerment by introducing:

- Paid sick leave
- Paid holiday leave
- Regulated labour hours
- Compliant safety equipment and protective gear
- Effective feedback and communication channels to create change


YSM bridges the gap of accessing sustainable and affordable manufacturing that does not cost the earth. ensures factories we work with use:
-  Non Toxic Materials
-  Sustainable packaging
-  Low carbon emission freight


Our agency approach gives our clients the ability to consult and develop valuable product options that align with a strong vision.

The Your Stuff Made Group, ensures products are:
-  Created with quality materials that last.
-  Reduced Biodegradable lifespan and Low environmental impact.
-  Can be re-purposed and repaired.


 Manufacturer Mapping

Manufacturing mapping is our IP algorithm that invests in the future and creates fairness through socioeconomic empowerment.

1  Manufacturing mapping uses data including timeframes, budgets and order requirements to match clients with our global network of compliant manufacturers.

2  Mapping has an ethical bias towards supporting micro manufacturers and communities that would find additional benefits outside of a projects value.