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WeWork: This Is Your Year (TIYY)

WeWork: This Is Your Year (TIYY)

Your Stuff Made played a pivotal role in the success of the "This Is Your Year (2023)" event, which focused on launching and nurturing side hustles. In collaboration with WeWork, our involvement extended to both event planning and active participation. As a passionate advocate for entrepreneurship, Your Stuff Made's founder, Liam Byrne, took the stage as one of the featured speakers, sharing his personal journey and insightful experiences in building side hustles and business ventures.

During the event, Liam Byrne's presence as a speaker, supported by Your Stuff Made's collaboration with WeWork, added a unique perspective. He shared practical strategies, challenges faced, and lessons learned from his own journey in side hustles and business ventures. His knowledge and first-hand experiences provided attendees with actionable insights and inspiration, fostering an environment of learning and growth.

The partnership between Your Stuff Made, WeWork, and the "This Is Your Year (2023)" event showcased our commitment to empowering individuals to transform their ideas into tangible successes. This collaboration demonstrated our dedication to sharing knowledge, fostering connections, and supporting the aspirations of budding entrepreneurs, further reinforcing our role as a driving force in entrepreneurial endeavors.

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