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Sourcing connects our clients to custom products that compliment our product range. Benefiting our clients with significant time and cost savings, through using our simple single billing, single shipping and larger order discounts.

Our services

Sourcing manufacturing products

Product & brand development

Every great product begins with planning and development that considers the products functionality, sustainability, brand fit, repairability and design. We can create complete 2D and 3D products from a simple idea through to adding to an existing plan.

Sourcing manufacturing products

Manufacturing matching

Our global network of over 143+ manufacturers ensures all clients receive a transparent comparison on price, capacity and timelines. Each manufacturer is certified for manufacturing Ethical Products, which is a strict curation process empowering workers, ethical processes and environment.

Sourcing manufacturing products

Payments & negotiations

Every project benefits from our locally based team that handle negotiations and logistics to improve affordability. Our partners make international payments fast, secure and easy with options to pay through Paypal, Bank deposit, credit cards and contracted payment terms.

Sourcing manufacturing products

Promotion & logistics 

After a product has been delivered we continue supporting our clients with a range of services including marketing, branding, website creation, staffing and logistics. Each project is a relationship to support growth.

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