Our Story

Welcome Creators,
An ethical product manufacturer, based in Melbourne, London & Los Angeles.
Designed by you, created by us.
Your Stuff Made started after creating many successful brands & learning the hard challenges of manufacturing over the last 7 years. We kept getting asked the same question...
"How & where do you get YOUR STUFF MADE?"
Our confidence for challenging the flooded market of dodgy overseas factories & over priced middle man companies came from when we won our first contract to supply merchandise for the commonwealth games 2018 (this was massive).
Over the years we grew up very fast, building a name for yourselves with artists as the leading company to use for product creators. Brands also noticed our quality, we are already exclusive merchandise manufacturers for Adidas Australia, Sega, Uber, Riot games, Blundstone boots & Shopify to name a few of our amazing partnerships.
With the success of creating products for global companies we are expanding our focus to our artist roots for helping artists like us. We are committed to making the process as easy/painless as possible with direct factory pricing, 50% deposits, free quotes & free shipping worldwide to prevent hidden costs.
We can help you whether it's starting your own business by selling products, make an event special or creating merchandise for fans of your brand.
We're excited to work with you!
Liam Byrne
Lead Artist @Yourstuffmade