Ethical Produced certification is the leading certification for ethical manufacturing standards and building confidence between consumers and sellers. This certification includes People, Planet and Product when measuring ethical impact.


Taking a stand against cheap inhumane sweat shops through introducing:

• Paid holiday and sick leave
• Equal opportunity and diversity for hiring program
• Suitable working hours and breaks
• Safe conditions (clean air, safety equipment)
• Employee feedback
• Wages in-line with legal obligations
• Legal age and capacity to work


Changing the way manufacturers see product waste to develop a progressive mindset of "wasted product" - to understand that every product has a lifespan that needs conscious thought. Planet safeguards include:

• Safe waste (non-hazardous stable materials)
• Sustainable materials (environmental planning)


In the pursuit to make products as cheap as possible and at any means to be "competitive" - fast products are creating devastating environmental impacts. Ethical product standards include:

• Increasing the lifespan of a product (re-usable, repairability, materials, engineering)
• Low carbon emissions through manufacturing



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