Our clients

Sourcing connects our clients to custom products that compliment our product range. Our clients experience significant time and cost savings, simple single billing, single shipping and larger order discounts.

Our services

Sourcing manufacturing products

Product & brand development

Every great product begins with considering the products functionality, sustainability, brand fit and design. Our team can develop existing products and bespoke 2D and 3D products.

Sourcing manufacturing products

Manufacturing matching

Our 143+ global manufacturers ensure a transparent comparison on price, capacity and timeframe. Each manufacturer is ethically certified.

Sourcing manufacturing products

Payments & negotiations

Our locally based teams handle all communications. Secure your order by paying through Paypal, Bank deposit, credit cards and contracted payment terms.

Sourcing manufacturing products

Promotion & logistics 

After fulfilment we continue supporting with a range of services including marketing, branding, website creation, growth, staffing and logistics.

Our clients experience:


lower average manufacturing costs.


More custom products


Hours saved per project.


Ethical global manufacturing partners

Order Process

consultation order process sourcing

1. Consultation

Contact us for a free consultation to discuss your project strategy, design, services and requirements.

quote order process sourcing

2.  Quote

Using our ethical manufacturing matching system, you will receive quotes from us and over 143+ global certified partners.

confirmation order process sourcing

3. Confirmation

We work with you to approve your project by delivering transparent information and understanding the requirements. 

payment order process sourcing

4. Payment

Our team supports negotiations and payment terms. We accept international bank transfers, Paypal, credit cards* and common alternatives.

production order process sourcing

5. Production

Production commences with regular updates. Most production timelines will be within 2-5 weeks.

quality control order process sourcing

6. Quality control

Our local QC team conduct a complete quality check of our product, sending through photo/video evidence.

delivery order process sourcing

7. Delivery

After approvals we will settle any final payments and terms. Each delivery will receive a tracking number for regular updates.

8. Post order services

We continue supporting our clients with a range of services including marketing, branding, website creation, staffing and logistics.

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