Glow recipe is an amazing Korean beauty brand that has seen global success. They believe skincare should be fun! With unexpected sensorial textures, colorful packaging, and innovative ingredients. Whether you’re looking to have your own solo self-care moment, or bond with friends over a masking session, your skincare routine should make you feel stimulated and inspired.

Glow recipe teamed up with the amazing beauty advisor team at Sephora to celebrate self-care and self expression, helping everyone to glow together. The campaign included lasting message of thanks for the passion, love  and work the Sephora team does each day and the customers for glowing withGlow Recipe.

@glowrecipe #glowgang

Our agency worked to bring the entire campaign to life and make it 'glow', from product design, manufacturing, delivery and branding the event was a huge celebration and event that delivered great results. 
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Glow recipe - Glow gang
Glow Recipe