Uber's mission

Promote respect and inclusiveness to our internal and external LGBTQ+ customers and partner communities by leveraging the business and enabling true allyship.

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"We support everybody's right to BE who they are."

Our agency was tasked with creating product and a campaign around Uber's mission statement, taking this mission from online to offline arena. Uber as a global company and movement has always been in the space of trust and community, so it was important to create a strong message. The campaign was targeting the Australian market (2018) right when the same sex marriage legalisation was being decided, so we formed our message around the freedom of being yourself. The phrase "uBEr" was birthed and the campaign was an amazing success, taking pride of place at the famous Sydney gay and lesbian mardi gras from the top of the Uber pride float and across to the partying crowds.

From branding to product creation Uber is an amazing company to work with, as we continue to support their visions.