Partner referrals

Welcome to your partner referral page,

This is a simple partnership guide to help you make added revenue from selling custom products to creators. There are two primary methods to refer a creator, Personal or community lead.

Partner resource

  • Partner registration (use below referral form to request in the notes section), you will be added to the official lead form after 2 successful orders.
  • Printed materials (Community lead forms, A3) (business cards)
  • Digital files Click here

Community Lead

Community leads come from a direct referral to us that we handle 100%, generated from website links, word of mouth, convention/lead forms. A creator must fill in the relevant product lead form with your referral name (incentivised with a discount from us) and complete full order payment for you to receive lead credit.

  • Unlimited referrals.
  • A) $20 AUD payout (or equivalent in your local currency) per successful lead form, or B) $30 AUD manufacturing credit (or equivalent in your local currency) per successful lead.
  • Credit is paid out monthly, we will let you know how many credit points you have accrued to spend on either option A or B (this can not be changed once allocation is confirmed).


Personal Lead/order

Personal leads act the same as a personal order and come from a new opportunity (see terms to see if you qualify for this type of lead) that you take 100% control.

  • 2 successful leads per calendar month limit (not including your own personal orders)
  • Better profit - Very low direct production cost +14% fee.

Lead terms/FAQ's

  • You can display approved material and links on your website, social pages, physical media etc, and let your creator know you work with us.
  • We accept ANY custom product through our custom product form and will do our best to support any custom opportunity.
  • Your creator must be NEW, a new creators defined as 1) yourstuffmade or another partner is NOT currently working 2) The creator has not completed a successful order with us or another partner in the last 6 months.
  • Any conflicts are judged based off fairness and positive intent of parties involved.
  • You can NOT disclose your partner pricing to anyone.
  • You can NOT Communicate with past and present customers of ours (ownership is based on 6 months from the last successful order)
  • We will not contact your lead directly without your permission first.
  • By submitting a lead you accept the above terms.

How to refer

  1. Fill in the custom form below, we will then send you a quote within 24 hours to support your quote.
  2. Confirm the quote and order information with all product details. Approve the order when you are comfortable, then to start 50% or 100% of payment to proceed.
  3. The order then progresses in the same order process, with production time, after production photos and confirmation (we will request current shipping information at this point), final payments and then delivery.
  4. Celebrate the successful order :)

    Referral Form