Alexandra - July 03 2021

Wedding planner

Congratulations! You've found 'the one' and after deciding to make it forever, the ring is on!
Now look forward to celebrating the milestone... but where do you start?
Planning a wedding can be truly amazing and fun with the right plan in place. Even with what seems like millions of things to plan, from our experience, a lack of time and poor budgeting often leads to the most stress.
At Yourstuffmade we work with amazing couples each day to discover how to make your wedding special:

Uniquely yours, Memorable & Affordable.

We achieve these goals through the products we create to make your wedding shine!

• Custom enamel pins
• Signage (various options: neon light, wood-engraved, printed)
• Quality Printed Invitations, menus & more
• Custom embroidered patches
• Fabric products, including table cloths, banners, bunting, serviettes
• Guest gift packs
• Bridal gifts

How to get started?

Book a time that suits you to talk to our wedding planner in a free consultation. Book here- The consultation includes how to customize your wedding, budgeting, and planning.

Download our FREE complete wedding planner - Download here

Complete the wedding introduction form below to let us know how to help you.

We are committed to helping you enjoy the best wedding day possible.

Love from Alexandra - Yourstuffmade wedding planner xo

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