Your Stuff Made Spotify Playlists (2023)

Your Stuff Made Spotify Playlists (2023)

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We found company and comfort through music. While we are missing each other's presence when working from home, we thought of a way to inspire one another by curating a Spotify playlist that will cheer us up just like when we would work together.

We made collaborative playlists on Spotify where everyone in the team may contribute. Through this, we get to replicate the energy that we give to the space we work on as a team. It adds a lot of energy to our environment and it creates a sense of being present in a creative world that we have in our minds.

As a part of this community, we are sharing the playlists with you to keep you company. These playlists include personal favorite tracks that we share with our team and now, to you!

    The fun part is these playlists are named after some artist vibes which you may relate to.

  • Chill designer - If you are feeling chill and comfy and you are in the mood for some LoFi beats this is your playlist.
  • Coffee Addict - If you are like me who always works with a cup of coffee, this playlist is perfect as it gives you the feeling of being in a cozy coffee shop.
  • Kawaii Lover - An all-time favorite playlist for almost everyone on the team because we love everything that reminds us of Japan! 
  • Cosmic Dreamer - This playlist is for those of us who have an extreme fascination with everything Cosmos. This literally sends us to another planet kind of vibe! 

We had so much fun curating these and we hope you love listening to them as much as we do. Follow our Spotify account and stay tuned because we will be adding more to the list!

Want to contribute to these playlists? Contact us! Anyone in the team will be happy to get you involved.

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Thank you to our amazing community!

Alex J.


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