Kevin Seman

Kevin Seman

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About Kevin Seman of Lonely Roller
I’ve always wanted to be a cartoonist. It just never ended up that way. I doodled a lot as a kid, and dabbled with digital art in high school. When it starts to matter though, doodles and dabbles wouldn’t make the cut unless you were actually good at it, which unfortunately I wasn’t.

In college my art professors were far from supportive, and were more than happy to hear of my departure from their programs. The university wanted people with talent, people who could take a canvas and make it sing with color and design. They made it clear they didn’t want my amateurish scrawlings, and told me so at every class. I gave up. Years and years later I started drawing again as a way of dealing with depression.

I started drawing the things I wanted to see, things I wanted to feel. I drew smiles and happiness and cute things and love. I was terrible at it. But I kept going. I kept drawing. I didn’t have professors or teachers lamenting my lack of skill. I drew things as I wanted and when I wanted. There were no grades, no comparisons, no critiques. There was only my absolute heart and soul manifest through my clumsy stylus strokes. And I got a little better with each thing I drew. I learned my style, and embraced it. It’s not perfect, it’s not amazing, but it is very much who I am. An awkward, colorful mess, who more than anything wants to give the world a big smile.

Tips to fellow Artists:

Never give up, and never lose your spark. Embrace your style and own it. Even what you perceive to be flaws in your art could give it the character to make it stand out amidst a world where everyone is emulating what’s popular. Don’t be afraid of criticism, and don’t ever let it get you down. You’re improving with every step you take, and you never know how wonderful and skilled you’ll become if you let that light within you get stamped out by trolls, critics, and snobs. Most importantly, let the world see what you’ve created. There’s nothing wrong with making art for yourself, but if you know something you’ve made will make someone’s day brighter, then put it out there and let it shine.

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