Our story - YourStuffMade.com

Our story - YourStuffMade.com

Liam B.
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Welcome creators! 

Yourstuffmade is an ethical, artist-owned product manufacturer and agency, changing how brands, events and artists turn great ideas into a product and movement. Based internationally across Melbourne, London & Los Angeles. We got our name from our early customers who kept requesting "How do you get YOUR STUFF MADE?".

Our early secret was simply hard work, many errors and understanding product design inside and out. Our culture and high work quality allowed us to work with global companies and events to allow them shine and form an ongoing relationship with all our creators (see projects here).

Yourstuffmade is the best way to create, brand, and market any product, brand, and event.

We offer:

  • - Ethical manufacturing
  • - Affordable pricing
  • - High quality work
  • - Local customer service
  • - Low order quantities
  • - Fast-tracked delivery 
  • - Easy re-ordering

Our team is so excited to work with you! Want to know more? contact us below

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