FREE enamel pin samples

FREE enamel pin samples

Liam B.
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Yourstuffmade believes in our high-quality product manufacturing so we offer free enamel pin samples to help you start our relationship.

Let's face it, in today's world with the crazy overuse of photoshop our trust often leads to... heavy disappointment!

Sometimes the risk is just a really awkward dinner date with a stranger who "catfished" you, and other times it is a little more serious like an expensive custom order. Unfortunately, it's not hard to find creators with terrible experience working with other manufacturers. When you spend days/weeks/months designing a product, carefully deciding the perfect color and design, you expect it to look as you imagined, and we agree!

To support creators trust in our high quality, we offer free product samples :)

How does FREE product samples work?

We have partnered with some of the best independent artists and brands for who we manufacture products to send you amazing samples of our high quality while promoting great local talent (win-win).

1) Send a sample request to with the product you want to sample.

2) We will send you a nice 60% off discount code (see point 4 to get FREE) and website links for the product you want to sample (order value up to $50 USD)

3) Time to go shopping! Choose the products and designs you want to sample. Like an online order, this is then shipped immediately to your home address (yes! you no longer have to wait months for a sample to be produced...)

4) Receive a FULL REFUND for the remaining sample order value when you place a custom product order with us.

Conditions (the fine print)

1) You must send through a receipt of your order to receive a refund on your custom product order.

2) The discount must be used within a one-week period after you receive the discount code, the receipt for the sample order is valid for up to 6 months.

Our team is so excited to work with you! Want to know more? contact us below

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